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"I am so happy that my daughter saw the Just Say Moe show. She came home so excited and so full of knowledge about smoking but especially about vaping. I see the kids vaping all over and I was very afraid that my daughter may try it. I am a health nurse and I know the dangers of vaping. I now feel my daughter will never try smoking or vaping and I feel this is because she saw the Just Say Moe presentation this week. Thank you to the presenters with all my heart."
Jessica Young, parent Windsor ON.

"I would have no reservations in recommending them to any school. Their message was powerful and effective"
R.G. Kayes - Principal, New Liskheard Public School

"The students came away convinced that never starting is the best way to avoid the smoking habit. I was pleased that the message reinforced the teaching of our school community."
Ray Hendriks, Principal - Rhema Christian School Peterborough

"They were extremely entertaining while getting their message across, and they had this large audience firmly in the palm of their hands"
Patricia Murphy, Vice-Principal - W. Earle Miller Public School Timmins

"We have had many events held in our school over the years but the common consensus was that this was one of the very best ever"
Mrs. Theresa Riley - Wilberforce Public School

"The “Just Say Moe” program provides clear facts about the health effects of tobacco use and includes a variety of prevention messages for maintaining healthy lungs"
Dr. Garry Humphreys - Medical Officer of Health, Peterborough, Ontario

"This is by far the best presentation of its kind and I recommend it for every student."
Leonard Foucault- Teacher, St. Raphael School, Sudbury, Ontario

"I recommend The Just Say Moe Presentation to every school. The message was powerful and extremely effective."
R.G. Kayes- Principal, New Liskeard Public School

"This is easily a “Level 4' performance on the Ministry of Education assessment rubrics."
S.L. Wiltsie- Principal, Davenport Public School

"The students listened to every word spoken and watched every move made. They could recite almost the entire show months later...very impressive."
Gerry Ouellette- Windsor Police Service, - Substance Abuse Education

"I am a teacher myself and when my son was in grade 4, he saw the Just Say Moe presentation. I can say with complete confidence that I believe that the reason my son who is now 18 years of age, does not smoke today, is directly due to the fact that he saw The Just Say Moe presentation in grade 4; it is that powerful. I bring my students to the show in Windsor every year to see this presentation and I recommend that all teachers do the same."
John Phillips- Grade 4 Teacher, Windsor, Ontario

"The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is pleased to support The Just Say Moe Presentation for the Past 15 years and will continue to do so."
Eileen Belanger, Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board

"I was a smoker. My child saw the “Just Say Moe” presentation at her school. When she got home, she convinced me I should quit. I have not smoked for 3 months now, thank you."
Sue Coulson- Parent, Peterborough, Ontario

"I am a parent and I am also a non-smoker. I desperately want my son to be a non-smoker. Last week, my son and I watched the Just Say Moe presentation and I was so impressed by what I saw. All the children just loved the show and you could actually see their minds absorbing the information. This presentation is genius! My son talked non-stop about the show when we got home. I truly believe that he will never smoke because of this presentation. Thank you Maxwell Ta-Dah!"
Terrance Blake-Parent, Windsor, Ontario

"Maxwell and Ta-dah! are definitely the masters of crowd control. 500 students, and you could hear a pin drop!"
Carol Bossenberry - Oxford County Health Unit

"The material was very well received by the students. I found it very interesting to watch the faces of 9 year old children, mesmerized by the magic, while listening to every spoken word . It was apparent they got the message!"
Gerry Ouellette - VIP Program, Windsor Police Service